Our suggestions barely scratch the surface of the things to see and do in the Sheridan area. Our intent is to provide a few good choices for when you don’t have time to plan on your own. We’d like to suggest two excellent resources with a multitude of information about the area. Both are worth browsing through whether you decide to follow one of our suggestions or make plans on your own. is the website of Sheridan Travel and Tourism. Take time to click through options presented in their main menu and you’ll find a wealth of information. is the website of Sheridan Media, Inc. This website is somewhat more commercialized but is loaded with information and dozens of website addresses you’ll find useful.

Both websites use the same interactive map which can result in you inadvertently flipping back and forth between sites. If you are looking for something you’d seen earlier but now can’t find, check the address line to see if you have the .com site or the .org site.